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Monday, April 5, 2010

L'Oreal Launches its new hair color product INOA

Here at the American Beauty Show in Chicago L'Oreal launched their new INOA hair color line.  Or did they?
INOA is positioned to compete with P&G's WELLA brand.  INOA is an odorless, ammonia free color line that has beautiful packaging and fantastic marketing.  The problem is that they have made claims that the product leaves your hair in a virgin state after several uses.  What?  Well P&G has been trying to get an injunction to keep INOA off the market in the EU where it has been selling for a while.  Wella and the EU are not happy with the bold claims from INOA.  I heard a lot of claims at the American Beauty Show of INOA processing hair to a "virgin like look to the naked eye".  Still, they made a huge splash and most are excited to begin working with it this summer.

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