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Monday, December 26, 2011

New Years Eve Hair Style

Your dress is hanging in the closet, your party plans are made, now what are you going to do with your hair?
Not another updo?  It just about fell out last year while laughing and drinking champagne.  This is a more wild and free New Years.  Here are a few new ideas to create a hair style to rock in the 2012.

The ponytail boufant

The faux hawk

Adding some curl and wave make it perfect for dressing up.

No problem for your date to match your style

The crimped bob works with shorter hair.
This with smoky makeup will be a knockout
New Year do

Monday, December 12, 2011

Boardwalk Empire Haircut

Boardwalk Empire is pushing the 1930 fashions upon us.  Barber shops all over the West Village are getting requests for the Micky Doyle.  The style consists of shaved sides, long on top with good amount of pomade to slick it back.  The old school hair-do has been a hit for web designers, young banker, djs, and even fashion designers.  Wear it right and your on the cutting edge, wear it wrong and you look like you've signed up for the Hitler's youth club.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breaking Dawn Hair Stylist give tips for Brunette Hair

US weekly interviewed celebrity hair stylist Jennifer J and asked her how she takes care of Kristen Stewarts hair on the set of Breaking Dawn, Twilight series.  She has good tips those wanting to create the same rich dark tones.

Q: What maintenance and care tips should I follow to keep my color rich and glossy?
A: First, you should definitely use shampoo and conditioner especially for color treated hair, preferably sulfate free. A gloss treatment is key for deep shine and richness. Deep conditioning is a must for smooth and frizz-free hair and a shine spray will add extra shine after styling.
Q: What went into perfecting Bella Swan's hair color and how can I recreate it?
A: In doing Kristen's color for Bella Swan, there was a lot of layering in color involved. Kristen definitely has warm tones in her hair and if you wanted to achieve this look, you would need to end up with a chocolate brown base color with warm, amber and auburn brown-toned ends. This is all done by layering semi-permanent color and glosses.

Q: Whoops! My end hair color is super dark and isn't the shade I was aiming for! How can I fix it?
A: If it turned out too dark, using a clarifying shampoo or Head & Shoulders will lift the color out a little bit. Also, if you put a deep conditioner or an oil treatment in your hair and cover your hair with a shower cap and a hot towel from the dryer, it will also help pull the color out of your hair, but in a more gentle way. If you did make a more extreme mistake, you should definitely see a colorist that specializes in color corrections. Typically you can color your hair again right away, but I would not recommend doing this yourself -- you should really get an expert's advice!

You can read the whole article at US Weekly
US Weekly