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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waxing Poetic How to Succed in a Down Market

How is your waxing business?  Do you have a waxing business?  Well why not?  There is more to life than plucking or shaving at home.  I found this great article about New York waxing bar that is using some great marketing to create business.  Here is the link to the article New York Times "Where wax is queen"

The Boom Boom Brow Bar was opened in 2008 by Malynda Vigliotti in the middle of our financial crisis.
She realized that to set herself apart she was going to need clever marketing.  She quickly came up with her first discount slogan "The Bare Sterns" bikini wax down from $49 to $30.
That kind of humor and wit has set her apart from the crowd.  She still holds great discounts in her west village shop and will have customers standing in line out front of the 250 square foot space.   Its a great article so give it a read.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paris Hilton couter sues over wearing someone else hair

If you remember that a while back we blogged that Paris Hilton was being sued by Hairtech for breach of contract, well we have a update for you.  Paris is now counter suing the company for 2.1 million in damages and 400,000 in attorney fees, plus 500,000 in declaratory relief.  Paris claims the company failed to pay her 1.7 million and that they secretly altered documents with her signature.  Along with counter suing the hair extension company, Paris denies she was unprofessional and claims the company's CEO Chris Volek wrote her an email praising her performance after she filmed a commercial for the company. According to gossip website TMZ, the email said "Hey Paris. I know it was a long day, but baby you 'Rocked.' Just from the takes I saw this is going to be one hellava commercial, you were genuinely amazing."  All this because she was seen wearing a competitor's hair piece which was probably used by her stylist, was unable to attend a Hairtech event because she was arrested for something or other.
Geez, you did hire Paris Hilton right?  What did they expect?


Monday, January 17, 2011

Get creative with accessories

I found this great article about using hair accessories to pump up a hairdo on
Prom season is coming up next and we should all be looking for creative ways to spice up our

great site for hair style ideas

Hair Styling goes beyond simply selecting a hair cut or a way to wear it. You can use accessories, extensions or braids to enhance your look. Get some great ideas from the pictures below on how to do it right and spice up your hairdo by adding hair accessories for your unique look. There are many hair styling options to choose from weather it is using texture and volume coupled with accessories or a hat. A big hair styling trend is the hair braid as seen below as well as clips, flowers and extensions. If you are using hair styling accessories for a special occasion or your wedding day you may want to consider going to a hairstylist to ensure a professional look.
Hair Styling Ideas -Kim Kardashian Volume Bump
Kim Kardashian is always in style and this Volume Bump is a great hair styling idea to spice up your look.
Hair Styling Ideas -Gwen Stefani with Accessory
Gwen Stefani makes use of this stunning hair accessory to add some extra sophistication to her classic hair style.
Hair Styling Ideas -Pixie Lott with Flowers
Adding flowers to your hair style is a great idea especially for a daytime beach look as worn by Pixie Lott.
Hair Styling Ideas -Nicole Richie with Hair Band
Nicole Richie is wearing a hair band which really completes her look – a great idea to compliment your outfit.
Hair Styling Ideas -Sienna Miller Hair Braid
Sienna Miller’s hair braid is a great hair style idea if you are looking for something different. You may want to have this done by a stylist to make sure it looks smooth.
Hair Styling Ideas -Vanessa Hudgens braided Side Ponytail
Vanessa Hudgens hair style has a
braided Side Ponytail complimented with a  subtle Hair Band. This is a really great daytime hair style idea.
Hair Styling Ideas -Taylor Swift with Hair Band
Taylor Swift uses this simple hair band and flower to compliment her hair style and complete her look.
Hair Styling Ideas -Sarah Jessica Parker with Accessory
This is a really outrageous accessory and you may want to try a more subtle version unless you have a special even or can pull it off as well as Sarah Jessica Parker.
Hair Styling Ideas -Rihanna with Hat
Rihanna is always setting trends, this beret compliments her outfit and looks great with a side fringe. A great hair styling idea.
Hair Styling Ideas -Paris Hilton with Hat
Paris Hilton knows how to accessorize and this hat still shows off her short hair style and is the perfect day time accessory for horse racing or any elegant day time event .

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tiger Woods bogies his way into the beauty business?

Well not exactly.  Tiger's one time mistress Loredana Jolie is opening up a beauty salon in New York.  The former Playboy playmate has written a tell all book and will now own a salon in a neighborhood on the upper east side called .....wait for it....Tigress.  Women will probably come from miles around to have their mane coiffed in Loredana's salon.  Hopefully patrons will get a glimpse of the beauty putt ering  around the shop.