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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OPI rumor the street

There is a rumor on the street about a new professional OPI product.  The nail distributors are saving their pennies for a big OPI buy in.  Axxium, OPI's soak off gel product that comes in a pot will now have a polish bottle companion.  Shellac, CND's line of soak off gel made polish bottle gels the rage last year.  Many new brands have popped up capitalizing on the idea.  Shellac always suffered from lack of product and color choices.  It's a crowded market, but hell its OPI.  My prediction is great marketing, and colors from OPI then shortages just like what happened with "Shatter"  The price of the bottle will be about $18, but don't forget you need your base, top coat and UV light if you don't have one.

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