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Monday, April 25, 2011

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Hair Style

April 29th is rapidly approaching for James Pryce and Kate Middleton.  Who do you think is more nervous, the bride or the hair stylist?  We have been told that Kate will not be wearing a traditional wedding updo, rather her beautiful long brown hair will be 100 percent down and flowy.  There will be a team of six stylist on hand to ensure a perfect, on time and sure to be amazing hair style.  The team will also be doing the hair for the maid of honor and the bride's mother.  The preparations are going to take place near Buckingham Palace at the Goring Hotel.  Kate's hair is sure to be fantastic, my question is who is going to do William's hair that day.  He has lost most of what was on top, so should it be close cropped.  He should definite not keep it as is.  A number of shakes from a bottle of Xfusion and he could look 5 years younger.

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