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Friday, March 25, 2011

Sam Villa Wins Behind the Chair Award

Sam Villa has won the Stylist Choice Award for favorite educator and platform artist from Behind the Chair.
This is his second win for this award.  He has been the front man for Redkin 5th Avenue for 15 years.  The Stylist Choice Awards were given out at the American Beauty Show in Chicago.  Why do stylist love Sam?
Just listen to this quote from his acceptance speech;

“After my father brought me to my first hair show, I dreamed of becoming a platform artist - thanks dad!   Winning this award, especially in the company of such incredible talent, is truly a dream come true.  I will continue to teach, motivated by passion, for it is passion that feeds my dreams and makes them come true. Passion is the spark that ignites self-motivation and it starts with examining our purpose within our job. We are all blessed with gifts; these gifts need to be shared. Passionate belief in your dreams and goals is the only fuel that will get us over, around or through the many obstacles we encounter as hairdressers. We won’t achieve it unless we continue to be passionate about it. The most important ingredient of passion is love, the love of this industry, the love of the art, and I applaud all you artists out there! Thank You,”

What a winning attitude and a credit to our industry.
Congratulation Sam!

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